Farewell, 2017

It has been six months since we arrived to Mexico. The year has come to an end… just like that. This time has been a huge transition in so many ways, and it seems the changes and new things will continue as we enter 2018. I have so many thoughts, but as I am on a schedule to upload this last post of the year I am unable to focus on what I should say. Should I write about the difficult times or should I just mention the nice memories? Should I write about the problems we faced and what we learned from them? About the tears and the laugher? About the sleepless nights, the worries, but also the good times, the hopes and dreams? Family times. Movies. Reading. Composing. Working. Planning. Praying. So many things. It looks to me as if there’s been a bit of everything this year, and I don’t really know what to expect for the next one. Will it be better? I certainly hope so. Regardless, let’s try to make the best of it.

Lunch times at Tia’s restaurant.

Abuelito and a white wall.

Friendly raccoons.

I often visit Abuis and Abuelito. We live just a block away.

Happy times.

Pepito el Terrestre.

The happiness of Downtown Tampico.



Lizzy. The ex-cat of Abuis.

Lunch at Abuis’

Happy walks with mom.

Fixin’ stuff.

Lunch with mama.

Chinese Tourist.

People of Tampico


This was Lupe’s first walk.

Morning at the street market.

Probably on the cellphone.

Lucky shot.




The baby saw me.

Abuelito at mom’s.

Princess at mom’s.

Eunice at mom’s.

Worked on decorating the house all day.

Abuis was not feeling so good.

November 23rd.

Mom organized a surprise party for Princess.

Happy Birthday!

Moments before cutting the cake.

Moments before the party… maybe.

The cake.

Then Frank’s wife had a party for her birthday.

More cakes.

We were so happy to meet Frank and his wife.

Artistic portrait. Haha.

Piñata time with Frank.

Lupe’s food.

The spirit of Christmas.


Parents and daughter.

The joys of working at home.

Finally they fixed mom’s street. Took a few months.

Probably a Sunday gathering.


One of those few cold days.

Lit by phone.

Christmas meeting.

One more at the Christmas meeting.

Hey princess, can you shoot one of me to finish the roll?