Well, the end of September came just like that. With a bit of rain and a gentle wind. I do wish it would have come with a bit of work since it continues to feel as we are in limbo. Somewhere in between just moving here and living here. In between having lots to do and doing only mundane tasks at home. I guess all of this is taking us somewhere, but at times I’m running short on patience and can’t see the goal anymore.

But… hey! I’m glad I would still take the camera out and catch some more snaps of Summer.

Abuelito + Nicole.

Sometimes I find frames like this and have no idea where they came from.

So happy to have caught this one.

Sunny putting the table at grandpa’s house.

Pa y sus hermanos.

It was my Aunt’s birthday party and Sunny joined the dance.



Sundays after church.

Abuis + Eunice.

Sunday afternoons with dad and mom.

And Eunice!

I can’t exactly recall when I shot this one, but that’s at the beach.

Office. Working on the last wedding we shot in America.

Waiting lines here are insane.

Then I got some sort of ear infection.

And we made a quick stop at the first International Film Festival in Madero.

Mom and dad watching while their wedding video plays.

Good times.

Getting ready for fishing.

Abuelito + Abuis.

Rainy days in Tampico.


New family member. Lupe.

Fishing with abuelito.