The Last Bit of Winter

It’s almost April. For some reason it seems that time goes faster when you need it slower. So many things and at the same time so little of nothing has been going on. The one thing we’ve been on top of is work, pending projects, and pending video edits. The one thing we’ve missed is life. It has been like this for a long while, however. And now that we are few months from turning everything around in a different direction, I just wish I could enjoy life here a bit more as I used to. Not exactly talking about enjoying life in a crazy, adventurous sense. Perhaps I am talking more about enjoying time without the stress and pressure I’ve had on my shoulders for years. Being able to wake up without worries, take a walk with the film camera, sit down and play some piano, write ideas in the journal. I feel drained of energy but I can’t stop down to recover.

Like I mentioned, a big change is just around the corner. It gives me both, reasons to work harder and it also makes me think I could possibly regret not enjoying this season more. Time, please slow down.

So this blog has shots I’ve taken since the last post. The last bit of winter. Lots of going out grocery shopping or fast food eating. I know there’s more out there, but I’m in here… forever editing, and trying to find contentment in little moments life gives me.

Princess in the kitchen.

Just arriving home.

Ah. Wish we’d had more snow.

Pollo Regio.

Snow came… snow left.

Confused at Walmart.

Hey there!

We went to mail a package to a client.

And we had a mini session while at the post office.

It was late and no one there.

May have been one of those days we went out for a jog.

But let’s not get too much ahead… back to winter and waiting for a client at Starbucks.

Leaving home with the laptop in the sleeping hat.

Looks like the new Korean BBQ place.

Definitely Korea town.

Like a movie scene.

Lovely fog.

Editing in the mall.

Sonic Happy Hour.

Rafa and Germain.

Hanging out with some awesome photographer friends.

Mystery man.

January 28th. Goodbye 20’s.

Princess, grocery shopping.

Working in the office.

Princess looking for that planner/calendar we never found.

Number 11 in Korea Town.

Cleaning time.

Paying the Bill time.

So I turned 30 and gave myself a haircut in an attempt to look younger. Belly didn’t go away.

Family photo!

Oh, and we also got to exchange our old Maxima for something a bit better.



The cool wall.

Vietnam noodles, I believe.

Healthy eating.

Hey girl!

I decided to grab the Leica M2 for a couple rolls, but first I wanted to check the sharpness. Looking good.

Princess decided to finally pierce her ears.

It wasn’t half as painful as she had imagined.

Shooting with the Leica again is quite refreshing, though I love the Konica too.

I had forgotten to take the lens cap off.

Preparing for that last graphic design show.

First signs of Spring.

We went to Rafa’s concert.

Rafa throwing candies.

It was fun.

And here’s one of Vero having fun as well.

Taking that ‘to go.’