Museums, Friends, and Crawfish

Hey April! Currently I have four pending edits and that’s the lowest I’ve been in years. We also have three more academic video projects for DBU,  which will be a lot of work, but the amount of things to do will be going down pretty quickly after the next few months. Even though it is quite scary, I look forward to not having pending video edits and be able to take a break (a short one, I hope). I’ve had so much pressure every single day for the last couple of years that I don’t really know what I’ll do with my life if I have my free time back. I’d love to grab some books and do some reading. Sit down and compose some piano pieces like in my younger days. Go out for street shooting more often (I’m so looking forward to this in my hometown). Write a script or whatever. I also hope to make some time and do a short documentary portrait of my grandparents.

I don’t actually know if any of that will happen, but at least I can post some of what has already happened in the last few weeks. Not much, really. We had some trips to the museum, some hanging out with friends, lots of editing, some weight gaining…

Keeping up with Movie Tuesday tradition.

Three Pandas

Rafa’s Birthday


We went out for one of those Nights at the Nasher

We filmed a beautiful wedding here last year.

I actually waited for this one to happen.

On the way back to the car.

Obligatory selfie.


Morning looks.

Grabbing some food.

Avedon’s exhibition.

Los Machines.

I really like this one.

We were talking about film and cameras.

Probably one of those days we went to work at a cafe.

At the DMA, a different museum.

Hanging out after the museum.

Morning looks.


Happy to visit the Halal Guys.

Delicious & Tasy.

Ramen happiness.

The Cellphone Stand.

Taking an editing break.

One last mirror look.


After Korean lunch.

Finally she bought a candle.

Her “again?” look.

Genesis + Eli.

Rafa + Vero’s home.

What’s that?


Good times.

Good dad.

That Saturday we went out for a walk at the Mexican market.

I liked this one. Hip shooting.

The mom turned around just in the right moment.

Breaking the 4th wall.

The cute little rabbit.

Happy to arrive back home.

Yep. Happy to go back to editing.

The last frame of the roll is always interesting.