Here we are

Well, we made it. We moved from Dallas, Texas to Tampico, Mexico. It’s been few months since the last post. With Sunny’s graduation, Sunny’s family visit, the move, and getting settled down, the one thing that had to wait was finding a couple of jugs so that I could mix my developing chemicals. Glad I finally did. Unfortunately one full roll of film was lost, but this post still has more frames than the average.

Some day I will write about the whole reason we moved out of the US. I honestly think no one really cares, but may still be useful for some Googlers. For now though, I wanted to write a little bit about this huge change in our lives and how everything has been so far. In a personal sense, overall, it’s been good. I think it’s been great to have family close by, without having to wait for a holiday so they can visit. It’s been good to be able to eat out with wonderful food options available at all times of the day, at less than half the price than we would in America. It is awesome that we get to live in a beautiful house, with all the necessary commodities, at 15 minutes from the beach.

In the business sense, it’s not been as good. I must say that I have always had trouble with having a sense of “belonging.” For the most part I am a solitary man. Not that I’ve liked it that way. No. And I won’t talk about reasons or psychology or emotions, because it’s not where I want to go this time. But for a while I felt I “belonged” to the wedding industry, and that I had a good place in that group. I thought I had talent for this thing, nothing amazing, but at least enough to get by and make a living from it. I thought I had a vision that was different yet attractive. I mean, the whole cinematic + documentary thing in social videos is something that I truly believe is missing. Alas, coming to Mexico, I’ve started to question it all, and I feel like a total outsider. Nothing seems to work, and my heart feels heavy.

I hope it all gets better. I really do. Leaving aside this for now though, here’s a blog with some shots of recent months.

Happy Sunny at the Mall.

Home Depot.

Happy Sunny in Walmart.

Gas Station business meeting.

After eating Brazilian buffet.

Korean buffet.

Then, it was time to go welcome Sunny’s family.


It was  a great time. My mom and dad came to visit too.

Dad has always been a great communicator, even with language barriers.

No idea where this was.

Father in law at the entrance of the Dallas Museum of Art.

Then Sunny’s graduation came.

Sunny and my in-law’s.

Sunny and yours truly.

I’ve always enjoyed snapping these photos on graduation day.

A moment.

Uncle + aunt.


Coming back from graduation.

Then, it was time for me to say goodbye to mom and dad. For a short time though.

A scene at the airport.

From another angle.

Over the years I’ve seen this area several times. This was the last time, who know in how long.

Sunny’s family stayed for a few weeks more. We visited Austin.

And San Antonio.

Kitchen helping before my relatives from San Antonio came for dinner.

Family picture!

Then we traveled to Houston for a couple of days.

Between the last shot and this one, a roll of film was completelly lost. A shame, really.

In any case, we started packing after Sunny’s family left.

And we finally visited the Thai restaurant we wanted to visit for a long time.

My dad’s friend helped us move some things, including the bed.

Our lovely living room/office. While packing.

One of the last meals we had in our apartment.

Sad days.

But we still squeezed a small photo session for Gustavo a day before our departure.

On the way back we had to spend a few days in the border.

Traveling with Hera and Chimi was very challenging.

But hey… we made it.

This was the first night in our new home in Mexico.

And as we often do, the final shot of this roll was by the window.

Nicole and abuelito.

Mom and dad. On mom’s birthday.

Always asking them for a kiss.

Slightly overexposed, but still a good one.


Then we went for a walk to the lake.

We took the boat tour.

Keren enjoying the tour.

One more shot from here and…

We decided to travel to “El Cielo.” A natural reserve we had not visited for about 9 years.

Mom and Keren.

The day we arrived we looked for food everywhere. Everything was closed.

We had to walk for a while.

Then we finally found a place.

And went swimming at the hotel for the rest of the day.

Drivers take the tourists all the way up the mountain.

We had to pay to use the restroom.

And then we walked for a long time up the mountain to see a cave.

Somewhere on the way.

Mom and dad. It was really exhausting.

When we were almost arriving back.

Really nice view.

Doña Conchita, the lady that lunch cooked for us.

A scene on the way out.

Back in our cabin/hotel.

And soon it was time to pack and go back home.

Abuelito, pa, Euni, and her special friend.

Sunny figuring out condiments.

A framed girl.

Abuis and Rebe.

Rebe’s baby, the newest member of the family.

Then it was time for me to go renew my driving license. Man, a full day waiting in line for that.

A day we went to the beach for a little bit.

Sunday after church.

Me, trying to figure out the ropes for hanging/drying clothes.

It was time for a shave and a haircut. This hot weather is really something.

I don’t know if I intended the shot to be like this, but I like it.


Happy Keren.